Lead from the Heart

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I believe that leadership starts with the heart, and when your heart is in the right place, relationships are formed. Leading with your heart first tells people that they are more valuable than just their position or what they can do for you as their leader. Leading by coercion is never effective long term and leads to high turnover and low morale. One of the main reasons people leave their jobs is that they do not trust their managers or leaders. Relationships are the glue that binds people together, and that holds true for leadership as well. -Paul Weaver

Generosity: Reaping What You Sow

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The principle of generosity is well proven, even if there are people who dismiss the Biblical promise that ensures that generosity is the sowing of seeds that leads to a big harvest. The reason some people do not believe or doubt this fact is that many of the benefits may not be experienced immediately. It is important to remember that our actions will always produce results. Sometimes they are much later than we expect and much greater than we expect. It goes both ways, for the good and the bad things we do.

We should strive to be generous with our time and treasure. Generosity can be as simple as well-thought words of affirmation to your spouse, family, or co-workers. Many times words of affirmation have a greater and longer lasting impact than monetary rewards. The benefits of being a generous person include better health, more wealth, and less stress. Hence, it could lead to longer life and better relationships.
–Paul Weaver

Have an Attitude of Gratitude

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An attitude of gratitude cures many ills:

1. It completely removes the sense of entitlement that so many people have today.
2. It takes away the jealousy of wanting what someone else has.
3. It helps us acknowledge that everything that we have and hold dear in this life was given to us by our Creator. That will serve to help us understand that we shouldn’t hold on too tightly to what we think belongs to us.

Being grateful for what we have been given is one of the keys to living a life of contentment. Gratitude and giving back complete the circle of life and success. -Paul Weaver

The Value of Transparency

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Transparency is about being vulnerable and sharing from our hearts. We hesitate to be transparent because we feel that talking about our fears and hurts will let other people know that we are not perfect. We prefer that people believe we have everything under control.


But when we are troubled, it helps to talk about it to a trusted friend. To be transparent is to seek counsel from other people and to lean on others for support during difficult times. It’s okay to let others know that we have weaknesses. They may have exactly what we need to get through our struggles. But we have to be willing to let down our guards, allowing others to see that our lives are not perfect.


It can be very difficult to be genuinely transparent. We see this on Facebook—people post the positive aspects of life, and others begin to believe that some people do not face problems. In reality, we are all broken people.


It is also important to be transparent when we discover problems that need addressed. Pretending that all is well to avoid an uncomfortable situation enables the trouble to continue. Be honest when you see situations that need correction, but do it in a kind and gentle way. People will appreciate your transparent and genuine counsel, and revealing true and sincere feelings will increase trust in your relationships.
–Paul Weaver

5 Qualities to Look for in a Mentor

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Finding and having a good mentor is like taking your wisdom and doubling it. Some of the qualities to look for in a mentor are:

1. An older person of the same gender who knows and cares about you.

2. Someone who has experience and expertise in your area of interest and the phase of life you’re moving toward.

3. Someone of character that shares your values and faith.

4. Someone who is well connected, meaning that they have a network of friends and associates that can help you.

5. Someone who is not afraid to share the truth with you, even if it’s difficult for them to say and for you to hear.